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Animal Energy Work

Sometimes the pauses from our busy life are for our own benefit. Sometimes they are for the ones we love. Take the time to give your furry friend a tune up with animal acupressure. Through conversation with you and gentle handling of your animal, we will figure out which energy lines are indicated to balance out your companion. These energy balancing sessions are used as a preventative health measure and are not intended to be diaganostic.


Introductory sessions last about 30 minutes with subsequent sessions taking between 15-20 minutes per animal.


1 Session - $35


6 Sessions - $120


Multiple Animals for 1 Session -

2-3 Animals - $30 per animal

4-6 Animals - $25 per animal

7-10 Animals - $20 per animal


Multiple Animals for Multiple Sessions - Context dependent. Contact for rates.

What types of animals can recieve energy work?

All animals can recieve and benefit from animal acupressure. Any animal that is capable of recieving sustained contact and attention for 10 minutes in one go can recieve an acupresssure session.


My specialty and training is in horses and dogs, but agreeable cats, cows, goats, chickens, llamas and rabbits can all recieve animal accupressure. Please indicate if you will be expecting accupressure on any animal other than a horse, dog or cat.