Prioritize Practice

Empowering you to elevate yourself

Prioritize Practice

Empowering You to Elevate Yourself

Massage Therapy

Modalities Offered:

Circulatory (Swedish) - A relaxation oriented massage, performed on a raised table. Muscles are manipulated with long, flowing strokes using oil or lotion enhancing return of bloodflow to the central body. This modality may also be used prior to an athletic competition to improve muscle readiness.


Deep Tissue - A massage with the specific intention on providing structural changes to deep layers of fascia. The massage is completed without the use of lotion or oil. This style is time and body intensive, but need not be painful. Recovery period may extend beyond a traditional massage session and at least 24 hours should be given before the next bout of activity.


Thai - A massage performed on a traditional Thai mat on the floor. Clients remain clothed as the body is moved through a series of palming, kneeding and stretching. Typically, it leaves a feeling of rejuvenation and uplifted energy. This massage doubles as an effective sports massage for before and after exercise sessions.

In-Home Session:


60 Minutes - $110

- $1/min after, up to 120 Minutes


Discount applied when multiple sessions purchased at once

Book a Studio Session:


Hurts So Good - Rochester, NY


Luna Massage and Wellness - Denver, CO